At Lakeland Custom Homes, we provide exceptional quality and value. We pride ourselves on delivering an extraordinary level of customer service. We realize that understanding the process of building a home is important to our clients, and knowing the Stages of Construction will help track the progress of their new home.

0. Start

Before the stages of construction begin, all pre-construction documentation must be completed and approved. This includes the contract, plans, plot plans, change orders, design selections, etc. During this time, you will have a meeting with Nick to review all documents. Engineering work will be completed, and an application for a permit will be submitted to the City or County.

1. Foundation

In this stage, the site will be graded, and forms for the foundation are set in accordance with the approved plot plan. Plumbing and the foundation make up are installed and inspected. Then, the foundation is poured.

2. Framing

In stage 2, the home begins to take shape. Exterior and interior walls are framed and roof rafters are installed.

3. Roof/Windows

During this stage, the house is “dried in,” and the exterior sheathing, roof deck, shingles, windows and doors are all installed.

4. Trades

In Stage 4, the mechanical work of the home is completed. This includes plumbing, HVAC, electrical, TV/phone/audio and security wiring being installed. Both City and engineering inspections are conducted for the mechanical work and framing.

5. Second Inspections

Once the City and engineering inspections are complete, you will meet with Nick for a pre-drywall review and sign off off on the cabinet drawings. The house is then insulated, and the City and third-party energy inspections are performed to ensure the insulation is installed correctly. Once this step has been completed, brickwork can begin.

6. Sheetrock/Texture

In Stage 6, the sheetrock tape bed and texture is completed.

7. Trim/Paint

In this stage, the trim for the wood floors, cabinets, stair parts and interior are all delivered and installed along with all doors. Interior painting takes place.

8. Tile/Tops

During Stage 8, all bath and floor tile is installed, and countertops are delivered and installed.

9. Landscape and Finish Flooring

In this stage, the plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems are completed. This includes installing faucets, electrical fixtures, switch plates and outlets, HVAC condensers and grills. Wood floors are stained and finished, and carpet is installed. Driveways and walks are poured, and irrigation, fence, landscape and sod are installed. At the end of Stage 9, appliances are installed.

10. Certificate of Occupancy

At Stage 10, your home is complete! You are ready for your New Home Orientation with Nick. The orientation is held at least 1 week prior to closing to assure all cosmetic concerns are addressed before closing.